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Danfoss motor controlContrinex sensors and RFIDHiquel timers and controllersIFM electronic sensorsRed Lion panels meters, HMI's and displaysSick sensorsRechner capacitive and inductive sensors 
 Panasonic Electric WorksHohner shaft encodersTurk Banner sensorsPhoenix Contact terminals, power supplies and signal conditioningBritish Encoder shaft encodersIDEM Safety Switches LtdCredit card payments

Welcome to our web site. Seltec Automation has being supplying industrial control products for over 35 years. The site provides information on just some of the products from the leading manufacturers we represent. If however you require any additional information or would like to discuss an application or would like a visit by one of our engineers, please contact us.

Red Lion Graphite HMI

Idem Stainless steel E-stops
Idem Stainless steel E-stops

New Rechner EasyMount sensors
Rechner EasyMount High Performance
capacitive sensors.

Phoenix Contact IP67 Ethernet switch
Phoenix Contact IP67 Ethernet switch.

Red Lion ProducTVity™ Station
Red Lion ProducTVity™ (PTV) Station.


Contrinex IP69K safety light curtatins.
Are you replacing your
light barriers because they
let water in?
IP69K safety light curtains
without additional enclosures
from Contrinex


Red Lion releases the new PAX2A panel meter
The new PAX2A
from Red Lion

Phoenix Contact Industrial Ethernet switches.
Phoenix Contact 5 port ethernet switch.

Phoenix Contact SMS relay
SMS relay - send alarm text messages with ease!

Sick release new cylinder sensors 
Sick MPS sensors

Sick release new pressure sensors 
Sick pressure sensors

Sick vibrating probes 
Sick vibrating probes

Red Lion Controls release Crimson 3.0 for G3 products. 
Red Lion Crimson 3.0

FTS color sensor
from Contrinex

Phoenix Contact Industrial Ethernet products
New industrial Ethernet section.

Contrinex release new low cost photoelectric sensors.
Contrinex 50x50 photoelectrics.
Great sensor tester £26.56 !!

Red Lion Controls new G3 Kadet HMI series
Red Lions new G3 Kadet HMI series.

New capacitive sensor for sensing pellets
Rechner Sensors - series 95
Capacitive sensor with relay output

New dual input rate meter PAXDR
New dual input rate display

Red Lion G3 HMI
Red Lion G3 HMI
Download Crimson 2 free!

MINI MCR from Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact MINI MCR signal conditioners.
A well known catalogue company sells these at a much higher price!!

Phoenix Contact QUINT, TRIO, MINI and STEP power supplies
Phoenix Contact power supplies and UPS

Red Lion Controls
 Rate meters
 Panel meters
 - PAX, DP5, CUB4
 - CUB5
 - IM panel meters
 - APL Apollo panel meters
 Large digit displays
 G3 HMI's
 G3 Kadet HMI's
 PTV ProducTVity Station
 Data Station Plus
 Crimson 2.0 download
 Crimson 3.0 download
 Sixnet - Industrial networking
 N-Tron - Industrial network products
 Paradigm HMI's
 Data logging
 PID temperature control
 Signal conditioning
 Current transformers
 Timers and clocks
 Length sensors
 PCB miniature displays

 AC inverters
 Soft starters
 Micro Drive
 Automation Drive
 Low Voltage (LV) control
 RFI filters
 Harmonic filters
 Pump and fan control
 Geared motors

 Sick clearance items
 Inductive proximity sensors
 Capacitive proximity sensors
 Shaft encoders
 - DFS60 incremental
 - DBS36/DBS50
 Safety light curtains
 Safety interlocks
 Barcode readers
 Cylinders sensors
 Vibrating level probes
 Pressure sensors and switches

 Clearance items
 Inductive sensors
 Sensors with analogue outputs 
 High temperature sensors
 Mini sensors
 Photoelectric sensors
 Laser sensors
 Label detection
 Color sensor

 Sensor tester
 Ultrasonic sensor
 RFID tagging
 - Low frequency (LF) RFID
 - High frequency (HF) RFID
 Safety light curtains
 Safety access barriers
 Cable distribution

British Encoder
 Shaft encoders
 Incremental encoders
 Absolute encoders

 Control relays
 Small PLC's

Status Instruments
 Loop powered indicators
 Connection heads
 WX System Wireless temperature

Foxtam Controls

 Timer relays
 - Delay Off
 - One-shot

Rechner Sensors
 Clearance items
 Inductive proximity sensors
 Capacitive sensors
 EasyMount sensors
 EasyTeach level probes
 ATEX certified sensors
 Level sensors
 Leak sensors
 Level probes
 Conductivity sensors
 ATEX amplifiers
 Power supplies/switching units

IDEM Safety Switches

IFM Electronic
 Clearance items
 Inductive sensors
 Capacitive sensors
 Photoelectric sensors
 Pressure sensors
 Flow sensors
 Level sensors
 ATEX certified sensors

Turck Banner
 Photoelectric sensors
 Proximity sensors
 Ultrasonic sensors
 Label sensor (SLC1)
 Temperature sensors
 Laser sensors
 Indicator lights
 Shaft encoders
 Safety interlock
 Safety light curtains
 Vision inspection
 Vehicle detection
 Parts verification
 Barcode readers

Phoenix Contact
 DIN rail terminal blocks
  - UK range
  - UT range
  - Push-in Technology range
 Interface products
 Signal conditioning
 Digital setpoint adjuster
 Cable management
 Industrial Ethernet
 Interface relays
 Safety relays
 SMS relay module
 Power supplies
 UPS supplies
 Surge protection
 Sensor/actuator cables
 Industrial plugs
 Photovoltaic products
 Serial interfaces converters
 Serial interface connectors
 PCB connectors
 Electronic housings and modules
 Wireless products
 Industrial modems and GPRS
 Energy monitoring
 Motor starters

 Photoelectric sensors
 Inductive sensors
 Safety sensors
 Measurement sensors
 Pressure and flow sensors
 Special use sensors
 Eco-power monitors
 Limit switches
 Counters & timers

Hohner Automation
 Shaft encoders
 Incremental encoders
 Absolute encoders

Rockwell Automation
 Clearance items

 Sensors cables
 Splitter boxes

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