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Red Lion ProducTVity Station (PTV)

Red Lion Approved Distributor

Red Lion Controls announces the end of life of the Productivity Station (PTV). User should migrate to the FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform DA50 and DA70 industrial routers, now equipped with an HDMI output for connection and visualization to a smart TV. The FlexEdge replacement part numbers are listed below.

Upgrade selection for PTV Productivity Station without I/O.
Red Lion FlexEdge™ DA50A 1-Sled Modular Gateway
DA50A1BNN0000030 Advanced IIoT gateway with modular communication and HDMI port
DA50A1BNN0000040 Automation controller with modular communication and HDMI port 

Upgrade selection for PTV Productivity Station with I/O.
Red Lion FlexEdge™ DA70A 3-Sled Modular Gateway with scalable I/O
DA70A1FNNNNNN030 3-Sled 2xRS232 1xRS485 advanced IIoT gateway, HDMI port with scalable I/O
DA70A1FNNNNNN040 3-Sled 2xRS232 1xRS485 advanced automation controller, HDMI port with scalable I/O
DA70A1GNNNNNN030 3-Sled 1xRS232 2xRS485 advanced IIoT gateway and HDMI port with scalable I/O
DA70A1GNNNNNN040 3-Sled 1xRS232 2xRS485 advanced automation controller, HDMI port with scalable I/O

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The only ready-to-deploy productivity solution that pulls data directly from your process, and leverages today's LCD TVs for stunning productivity displays.

All continuous improvement initiatives require key performance indicators (KPI) and or Andon displays messages. To improve, you need to know where you're at!

KPIs are necessary to motivate workers, justify change, and to show improvement.
Andon displays show why you're down, so that you can fix issues quickly, thereby reducing downtime.

The Red Lion Controls ProducTVity™ Station main features -

  • Ready to Deploy Plant Floor Visualization System
  • Creates Hi-Definition Key-Performance Indicator and Andon Message Boards
  • 720P DVI Output Supports 720 or 1080 TVs with DVI or HDMI Interfaces
  • 300+ Communications Drivers for Communicating Directly with PLCs, Drives, Etc.
  • Supports up to 16 CS-Series Modules to Accept Digital and Analog Signals
  • Built-In Webserver Allows Remote View or Control from any Internet Connected PC
  • Provides Email and SMS Text Message Alerts
  • Includes 2GB Compactflash® Card for Recording KPIs and Andon Events
  • Syncs Data Logs to FTP Servers And Microsoft SQL Server®
  • 32-Bit Floating Point Math Allows Creation of Virtually any Key Performance Indicator
  • Includes HDMI Cable And HDMI/DVI Adapter to Support any PC or Monitor


Mouse over the above images or click to zoom in.

Connect your process equipment and have your data displayed on the production line.

Note: TV's are not included with the PTV.

Download the PTV demo database by using this link.


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