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Rechner sensors

Rechner sensors.

Inductive, Capacitive, flow and Level, all areas where Rechner have specific specialized products to solve your application problems. From simple inductive and capacitive sensors to innovative level and flow sensing devices, Rechner has a product to fit.

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Since the founding of their company in 1965, Rechner have moved into a leading position worldwide through dedication, product innovation and top quality. This holds in particular for their special area of capacitive sensors, where their have played a major role in development and design.

Many consider the name RECHNER as being synonymous with the capacitive sensor. This is a product that can be used in a great variety of settings and that is indispensable for today’s automation technology. The broad range of sensors RECHNER offers is clearly a key element of their success.

This range includes capacitive, inductive, opto-electronic, calorimetric and magneto-resistive sensors. Our product range is complemented by a selection of ATEX approved sensors, ancillary equipment and transistor-based signal amplifiers, control units and power supplies.

  • Capacitive
    • Level control
    • Detecting of objects
    • Glue sensors (or most things sticky!)
    • ATEX sensors

  • Inductive
    • Metal detection
    • ATEX sensors

  • Magnetoresisitive
    • Rotation speed control
    • Rotation direction control

  • Calorimetric
    • Flow rate control

  • Optoelectronic
    • Detecting of objects


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