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Rechner 95 series High Performance

Optimum Control of Pellets with Rechner Sensors.

RECHNER Series 95 capacitive sensors can make a major contribution to the trouble free functioning of your pellet heating system. RECHNER sensors control both the supply of the pellets to the burner and the level of the storage unit.

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Different models are available in M30, M32 and tapered 32mm diameter housings, with metal or plastic bodies. Change of the material properties of the pellets, are no problem for RECHNER sensors. Once correctly adjusted, no readjusting of the switching distance is required.

On request Rechner Sensors can supply the sensors with a pre-adjusted switching distance. That means you can unpack, install, connect and the sensors are “READY TO GO”.

Series 95 has the following specifications:

- Supply voltage 20 - 250 V AC/DC
- Relay output, optional timer (1 sec. - 10 min. adjustable)
- Optional on-delay/off delay adjustable with a changeover switch
- Low power consumption, 2 mA only
- Intelligent micro-controller technology
- Very hard wearing casing (POM)
Also available in PBT plastic (see below)

Rechner Sensors 95 series sensing pellets.

In the agriculture industry the Rechner Sensors capacitive 95 series, are used in automatic animal-feeding systems where they detect the fodder and seeds. They serve as a jam indicator in conveying systems or as level control in dosing units, in filling systems or in packaging systems. They control the filling level the same in large silos or in small storage containers.

With agriculture machinery the capacitive sensors are detecting the filling level in the storage tanks and dosing units, for example seeds, fertilizer, etc.

The sensors are now available in PBT housings as well as the existing POM units. The PBT bodies also have similar excellent mechanical characteristics. The material used is flame-retardant and corresponds to the UL/CSA directives. The price benefit for PBT over the POM body is a welcome additional benefit for the user.

A PG36 pressure type connection is available as an accessory. The sensors can be connected to PLCs or the user can connect directly for control purposes to a max. 1 A.

The Rechner KAS-95 capacitive sensors are also available with manufacturer certificate for use in ATEX zone 22.


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