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IMO Di-ell clearance

Please note that all of the items listed in our clearance area are from Seltec Automation's stock and has not been purchased from any clearance or warehouse sales or auctions.

Please contact us to check if we have a part you require. Tel 01482 225297

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Listed below are parts we still might have available.

BH6/A 400mm diffuse 110Vac N/Open
BH6/C 400mm Diffuse 110Vac N/Closed
BHC/A 4Mtr reflex 110Vac N/Open
BS4/P 200mm Diffuse PNP N/o or N/c
BS6/N 400mm Diffuse NPN N/o or N/c
ER1NCF-220 10Amp SPDT Miniature relay 220-240Vac coil
FM5-01 Compact heavy duty limit. Piston plunger, snap-act. 1NO+1NC
GPC/P 8Mtr reflex PNP No/Nc
HS4 400mm diffuse 110Vac No/Nc
KAC/C 4Mtr reflex 24Vac/dc relay out (N/Closed)
KVC/6A 6Mtr reflex relay output 20-240Vac/20-60Vdc
MD2/C 100mm diffuse N/Closed 48Vdc
MH4/C 200mm diffuse N/Closed 110Vac
MHC/C 2Mtr reflex N/Closed 110Vac
MS2/00-0A Di-ell 10-30Vdc 100mm Sn NPN/PNP No/Nc
MS6/AP 400mm diffuse PNP N/Open
MSC/CN 2mtr reflex NPN N/Closed
MSE/00-4C Di-ell PEC Emitter 90Deg Cable Replaced by MSE/00-0C
MSF/00-4A Di-ell 10-30Vdc Fibre amp.
MSF/AN M18 fibre optic amplifier NPN N/open use OFseries fibres
MSR/AN receiver NPN N/open use MSE sender
MSR/CN receiver NPN N/Closed use MSE sender
MV2/A0-5A 100mm Diffuse 20-240Vac N/O, cable (now MV2/A0-0A)
MV6/C 400mm diffuse N/closed 20-250V
MVC/A0-5A Di-ell 20-240Vac 4M Retro PEC N/Open (MVC/A0-0A)
MVC/C 2Mtr reflex N/Closed 20-250Vac
MVE 20-250Vac light source
MZ4/A 200mm diffuse N/open 230Vac
OF/SR1 diell 500mm fibre optic cable M4x0.5mm thread
OF/SR2 diell 500mm fibre optic cable M7x0.75mm thread
OF/SR3 diell 500mm fibre optic cable 6mm diameter
PFA-N compact DC fibre optic PEC NPN Lt/Dk
PK1/AP-1A M18 PNP N/o inductive 5mm sn
PK1/AP-1C M18 PNP N/o inductive 5mm sn 90 degree cable exit
PK3/00-2C M18 PNP/NPN No/Nc inductive 8mm sn 90 degree cable
PM6/AP-1A M12 PNP N/o inductive 2mm sn short body
PS2/AN-0C Diell photocell n/o NPN 2mtr cable grey body
PS4/AN-5C Di-ell 10-30Vdc 200mm Sn PEC NPN N/o
PS4/AP-5C Di-ell 10-30Vdc 200mm Sn PEC PNP N/o
PS4/CP 200mm Diffuse PNP N/Closed
PSF/AN-5C Fibre optic amplifier NPN N/Open
RD6/T 1Mtr diffuse 48Vac supply relay output with timers
RH6 1Mtr diffuse 110Vac supply relay output
RH6/T 1Mtr Diffuse 110Vac supply relay output with timers
RL103 Di-ell 32mm Dia Reflector
RL111G reflector 38x23mm + 2 mounting holes on 12mm centres
RL112G Di-ell 73x19mm reflector mounting holes 63mm pitch
SAP/0N-2C M18 2mtr polarised NPN No/Nc 90deg cable exit
SS2/AN-2C 100mm diffuse NPN N/open 90degree cable exit
SS2/AP-1A 100mm diffuse PNP N/Open plated brass body
SS2/AP-3A 100mm diffuse PNP N/Open
ST01 small metal mounting bracket for diell H,G,R & B series
ST02 swing bracket for M18 sensor


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