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RAD-LINE industrial wireless

Industrial Wireless - Wireless from the sensor to the network.

The wireless signal transmission system for industrial measurement and control.

With the new RAD-ISM-2400-SET-UD radio system, analog and digital sensor signals can be received and transmitted safely. Planners and users thus have access to a very simple transmission path for industrial fields of application. Signals that could only previously be acquired with a great deal of effort, or not at all, are now fast and simple to acquire. With the unidirectional RAD-ISM-2400-SET-UD radio system, point-to-point connections and multiple receiver systems can be implemented to multiply and split signals.

The advantages of a radio link quickly become apparent from an example from process engineering: Spread over a large site, levels and control commands are to be measured and transmitted to a control system on the other side of the street. Digging trenches, laying cable routes and installing the cables involves high costs. The costs of development and inspection, and the time and costs involved in obtaining permits before the start of the project further increase expenditure.
Receiver - The digital signals are available to the receiver in form of two relay contacts or a 4...20 mA current output and can be used for further processing. The state of the radio connection is diagnosed via a third relay (radio link).
A radio link, on the other hand, is fast to install and can easily lead to a saving of several thousand Euros. Wherever obstacles such as streets, railway lines or rivers have to be crossed, the industrial radio link creates new solutions at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. Wireless signal transmission is also convincing in the field of mechanical an plant engineering. Flexible cable conduits and sliprings are cost-intensive elements susceptible to a high degree of wear in a plant or machine. The costs of purchase, servicing and repair, as well as the costs resulting from downtime, make solutions with a slipring or flexible cable conduit expensive. A radio link, on the other hand, is maintenance-free and therefore cuts costs.
Transmitter - The transmitter takes up two digital signals in the range of 10 to 30 V AC/DC and an analog current signal (4...20 mA).

Easy to expand:

The bi-directional system is modular, allowing for expansion. The Analog On/Off or Digital On/Off functions can, for example, be extended with additional plug-in modules. Contacting is quick, convenient and easy with a pluggable bus extension rail.

We have access to a simple tool that can be used to check the suitability of the wireless products at your location. Call us to arrange a visit to discuss your application for Trusted Wireless. Don't start digging that cable trench just yet - you may be able to save money!

Click here to download the Phoenix Contact wireless product flyer Nov 2006 (8.65MB).

Click here to view the Phoenix Contact wireless product flyer July 2003 (1M).


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