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Sick LFH hydrostatic level probe

LFH hydrostatic level probe
The level probe LFH is a robust pressure transmitter for continuous level measurement. The liquid column above the probe creates a hydrostatic pressure which is a direct indicator for the liquid level. Through its permanently connected cable the LFH is submerged into the liquid to be monitored. Thus, the container wall does not need to be disturbed to fit a level sensor.
  • Enables level measurement under difficult conditions where other measurement technologies fail
  • No openings required in the wall of the vessel
  • For cleaning purposes the probe can easily be taken out of the liquid
  • High reliability through rugged design and robust materials

The LFH provides an analog electrical output signal that is proportional to the applied hydrostatic pressure and hence, to the immersion depth. The level probe is available as standard with various cable lengths from 1.5 m up to 100 m. Other lengths are available upon request.

The LFH is ideally suited for applications in water/ sewerage plants, in larger liquid vessels where other level measurement technologies fail and in cases where inserting a fitting into the tank wall is not permitted or is technically unviable.

The connection cable has a PUR sheathing and contains a ventilation tube for pressure compensation relative to the atmosphere. The maximum tensile strength of the cable is 1000 N. The sensor housing is made from stainless steel and has a plastic cap to protect the stainless steel sensor diaphragm.

To meet diverse application requirements the level probe LFH is available in a standard and an enhanced version.

The enhanced version is available with a number of options that extend the application range significantly. There is an integrated temperature measurement option using a Pt100 element, surge protection as well as a connection cable with FEP sheathing (tensile strength: 500 N). A special advantage of the enhanced version is the so called longitudinal water resistance feature that prevents any liquid from entering the sensor in the event of cable damage. In addition, this variant also allows a maximum immersion depth of up to 250 m to be realized (standard: 100 m).

Sick LFH hydrostatic level probe


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Sick Hydrostatic pressure level probe LFH

Sick Hydrostatic pressure level probe LFH

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Sick Hydrostatic pressure level probe LFH

Sick Hydrostatic pressure level probe LFH

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