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Sick magnetic position sensors (MPS)

Analog position detection for long piston travels

Distance measurement for pneumatic cylinders up to 256 mm.

The magnetic position sensors for analog polling of pistons on pneumatic cylinders are now suited for cylinder stroke of up to 256 mm.

Sick MPS mounted in cylinder.Sick MPS Ranges from 32mm to 256mmSick MPS-032TSTP0 cylinder position sensor

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Flexibility guaranteed.
Featuring possible detection ranges from 32 mm to 256 mm, the Sick MPS offer a maximum amount of flexibility. As a result, the T-slots on the cylinder do not have to be occupied by a large number of sensors for individual switching points, thus eliminating the need to adjust them mechanically. In addition, MPS allows free selection of the installation direction - which ensures an optimum cable outlet.

User-friendly commissioning.
The MPS from SICK can be installed and adjusted within a matter of minutes. The sensors can be placed from above into all of the common T-slots via drop-in, with two bolts attaching them firmly. The zero and end points can be adjusted with the push of a button. Commissioning is supported by the "in-range" LED display that shows the respective current position of the piston. In case of a product change, the new switching points are defined via thecontroller - mechanical resetting of any position switches on the cylinder is no longer required at all.

Precise position detection.
Electrical adjustment of the measuring range achieves optimum resolution and linearity with respect to any construction length. Since the housing design also minimizes blind zones, losses in stroke are avoided - in this way, short-stroke cylinders in particular can be used for their entire piston travel.

Unrivalled speed.
All of the Sick MPS devices offer a scan rate of 0.5 ms and thus an added gain in efficiency -as this amounts to many times the rate common on the market to date. Therefore, machines with fast cycle times can now also benefit from analog distance measurement.


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