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Solar check PV string monitoring

Increase efficiency in your photovoltaic system with new PV string monitoring.

With the SOLARCHECK devices, Phoenix Contact offers you a reliable option for string monitoring in large photovoltaic installations.

With an easy to integrate system, you will quickly detect power loss due to contaminated or damaged panels, for example. In this way, you will increase the proceeds from your system by quickly integrating targeted countermeasures.
Easy and space-saving installation without cable interruption.

SOLARCHECK consists of a measuring module and a communication module. With the measuring module that is only 22.5 mm wide and uses a minimum amount of space, you can detect the current values of up to eight PV strings. Hall sensors are used for measurement, which means that the cables are simply inserted in the holes in the module during installation and do not have to be interrupted. The measuring module is also equipped with an internal temperature measuring point.

The communication module collects the measured values from up to eight measuring modules and provides the data as a Modbus RTU slave to a higher-level controller. The two-wire communication cable simultaneously supplies the measuring module, which saves an additional power supply in device connection boxes and greatly simplifies wiring.
SOLARCHECK detects power loss for your PV system.
SOLARCHECK detects power loss for your PV system
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Additional voltage measurement up to 1200 volts.

The measuring module also supplies you with a DC voltage value of up to 1200 volts so that you can install high power per strand and assign it in your master computer. This means you always have an overview of the productivity of your system.

Easy integration in existing communication structures.

The complete system enables you to operate eight measuring modules on one communication module. The maximum length of the communication cable is 500m.

Up to 31 communication modules are integrated as Modbus devices on the 1200m long RS-485 bus segment without additional repeaters.

This means you can monitor up to 2000 photovoltaic strings in a network using SOLARCHECK.

Easy integration into Modbus RTU communication structures.
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